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Country: Spain 2016
Plots keywords: War| 19th Century | History | Colonialism
Language: Español – English subtitles
Director: Salvador Calvo
Writer: Enrique Cerezo P.C. / 13 TV / CIPI Cinematografica S.A / ICAA
Runtime: 129 min.
Cast: Luis Tosar, Álvaro Cervantes, Javier Gutiérrez, Karra Elejalde, Carlos Hipólito, Eduard Fernández, Patrick Criado, Miguel Herrán, Ricardo Gómez, Emilio Palacios, Alexandra Masangkay, Maykol Hernández, Pedro Casablanc, Ciro Miró
Awards: 2016: Premios Goya: Mejor diseño de vestuario. 9 nominaciones


1989. Los Últimos de Filipinas

A finales del siglo XIX, en la colonia española de Filipinas, un destacamento español fue sitiado en el pueblo de Baler, en la isla filipina de Luzón, por insurrectos filipinos revolucionarios, durante 337 días. En diciembre de 1898, con la firma del Tratado de París entre España y Estados Unidos, se ponía fin formalmente a la guerra entre ambos países y España cedía la soberanía sobre Filipinas a Estados Unidos. Debido a esto, los sitiados en Baler son conocidos como “los últimos de Filipinas”.

1898. Our Last Men in the Philippines

Death, violence, blood, desperation, fear and starvation. This is the plight of the last fifty men of the Spanish Empire as they defend the last of its colonies to the death: the Philippines. These Spaniards, drifters rather than soldiers, barricade themselves inside the church in the small village of Baler against the incessant offensive by the country’s native Tagalogs. Over 300 days go by, and day in and day out, they suffer all kinds of illness and miseries. Between the arrows they receive and their own return fire, these Spaniards, far from home, take on the adventure of their lives in an inhospitable jungle crawling with crocodiles and other dangers. They battle onslaught after onslaught from the natives; they sneak out at night to steal food and they smoke opium to drown their sorrows. And above all, they entrust themselves to a God and Country who, to their disbelief, abandoned them long ago….

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