Welcome to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

This Council was established in 2020 to identify emerging issues and best practices in diversity and inclusion.
The business imperative for diversity and inclusion has never been stronger. Globalization requires the ability to manage and motivate a multicultural workforce across borders and time zones. Changing demographics mean that organizations increasingly have to focus on inclusive leadership behavior.
The Council supports the efforts of our individual and corporate benefactors who want to build inclusive cultures, providing them with the big picture, practical tools, and a forum for sharing experiences with their peers.


Carmen Herrada

Carmen Herrada

Originally from Spain and educated in Belgium, Singapore, and the United States, Carmen is an Executive Leadership Advisor at Stanton Chase, one of the Top 10 Global Leadership Advisory firms. She partners with organizations to align their people strategy with their business strategies, and define the competencies that will support their goals. Carmen is a Diversity & Inclusion advocate and passionate about the empowerment of women.
Community builder, connector and servant leader, Carmen has extensive global experience and a keen cultural awareness. Champion for the environment, equity and driving social impact through diversity and inclusion. Proven ability to launch and scale innovative corporate responsibility and ESG programs to build trust and reputation on a national and global level.
In her words: Carmen enjoys taking companies from doing good to being good.
She received her BS in economics from the University of Almeria-Spain. She finalized her BA in business administration in Ghent–Belgium and holds an MBA from the University of Brussels. Considering herself a lifetime learner, she completed numerous certifications throughout her career at INSEAD, Wharton and Michigan State University, always focusing on cross-cultural adaptation and inclusive practices.



Mariam Haddad

CEO & Founder of The Performance Communication Company, Mariam Haddad is an entrepreneurial leader, motivational speaker, developer of powerful narratives, and creator of transformational, inter-disciplinary learning programs. She is passionate about developing people and stories that embrace HQ (heart intelligence) + EQ (emotional intelligence) + IQ (mental intelligence) resulting in heart to heart, human to human connection, inspiring synergy, new possibility, and greater results.
She has performed leading operatic roles and in solo and chamber music recitals as both a classical pianist and singer, on stage, television, and radio throughout her career. As a Syrian American who grew up on the El Paso – Mexico border steeped in American society, she learned each struggle serves as a vehicle to help find the sameness in others as well as to celebrate our differences. These diverse experiences helped her to view life as a canvas, allowing her to empower others in the creation of greater impact for themselves, their organizations and their communities.

She has been a featured speaker for TEDx Houston, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, Dr. Pepper, Utegration, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center and many other Fortune 500 Companies.




Leading for Equity and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership
Understand unconscious bias and its impact.
Become aware of and begin to address internal, interpersonal, and organizational biases.
Understand the importance of inclusion and its role in inclusive leadership.
Identify and commit to actions to create a more inclusive culture.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader
Develop awareness of unconscious biases and their impact in the workplace.
Define inclusion vs diversity.
Identify strategies to become a more inclusive leader.

Inclusive Communication
Demonstrate authentic communication across difference.
Develop tools to interrupt bias or discrimination through inclusive expression.
Understand inclusive leadership competencies.
Cultivate tools to recognize and combat microaggressions.

Understanding Gender Equity
Understand what gender equity is and why it matters.
Recognize gender inequity in the workplace.
Learn gender equity best practices.
Identify actions to address gender inequity in your workplace.

Managing Diverse Teams Inclusively
Understand what limits trust and psychological safety on a team.
Reflect on your identity and its influence on experiences at work.
Reflect on the level of trust, psychological safety, and inclusion on your team.
Acquire strategies and tools for building trust, psychological safety, and greater inclusion within your team.

Understanding Gender Identity
Understand the complexity of gender.
Reflect on and share personal experiences of and influences on your gender identity.
Understand the importance of self-determination and the impact of non-acceptance on intersex, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary employees.
Identify actions to foster inclusion and allyship with intersex, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary colleagues.

Women on Board