Culture Committee 

Welcome to our Culture Committee

Their mission is to empower heritage and spread awareness about the Hispanic culture. They pursue opportunities such as events and many initiatives to promote the culture, history, and accomplishments of the Hispanics living in Houston. They also strive to create means for the promise of the Hispanic community through art, music, and knowledge. “Together, we will reach our common objective” 

Yolanda Velasquez

Yolanda Velasquez has an appreciation for cultural diversity gained from leaving in multicultural countries and travelling around the world. She currently works as an International Relocations Manager, and is an advocate of the culture and arts in Houston, as an active member of the Houston Symphony Hispanic Leadership Advisory Council, and the Latin American Women Artists of Houston.

Yolanda passion for Latin Culture has made an impact in other countries. She served as President and Board Member Latin Ladies Association of Malaysia, leading the promotion of the Latin culture and fundraising events to help the local community. Working together with the Latin American Embassies, she organized 2 Galas and 2 Latin American Festivals that became a reference for the international communities in Malaysia. As a plastic artist, Yolanda has presented in collective and individual art shows in Monaco, Paris, Australia, Belgium, Spain and the US. She was selected to represent the Embassy of Colombia in 2 International Art Expo Malaysia. In Houston, she is a founding member of the Latin American Women Artists of Houston, is active at the Glassel School of Art and has participated in group and individual exhibitions.

As a Board Member and Past President of the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Yolanda chaired 2 “Noche de Las Americas” Galas, raising over $150.000, for the scholarship programs and IHCH operation. She has worked in various cultural initiatives like Spotlight Latin America, and has focused on promoting the importance of education, culture and diversity while promoting Hispanic Cultural values.

Lina Pardo

Lina Pardo, native of Colombia-South America, is a proud Hispanic woman and a passionate advocate of Arts and Cultural Expressions.

Lina came to Houston, TX in 2006 with the Oil & Gas industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad de América in Bogotá-Colombia. Certified by Michigan State University in Supply Chain Management, Lina has a professional career that spans more than 12 years in Supply Chain, holding Regional and Global positions, and has had the opportunity to work in different industries such as Oil & Gas, Technology and most recently in Healthcare.

Her appreciation for cultural diversity and her commitment to help and support the community have led Lina to participate in multiple volunteering activities and programs in Colombia and US.

Lina is a committed wife and mother and enjoys the time spent with her family and friends.

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