Culture Committee 

Welcome to our Culture Committee

Their mission is to empower heritage and spread awareness about the Hispanic culture. They pursue opportunities such as events and many initiatives to promote the culture, history, and accomplishments of the Hispanics living in Houston. They also strive to create means for the promise of the Hispanic community through art, music, and knowledge. “Together, we will reach our common objective” 

Yolanda Velasquez

Yolanda Velasquez has an appreciation for cultural diversity gained from leaving in multicultural countries and travelling around the world. She currently works as an International Relocations Manager, and is an advocate of the culture and arts in Houston, as an active member of the Houston Symphony Hispanic Leadership Advisory Council, and the Latin American Women Artists of Houston.

Yolanda passion for Latin Culture has made an impact in other countries. She served as President and Board Member Latin Ladies Association of Malaysia, leading the promotion of the Latin culture and fundraising events to help the local community. Working together with the Latin American Embassies, she organized 2 Galas and 2 Latin American Festivals that became a reference for the international communities in Malaysia. As a plastic artist, Yolanda has presented in collective and individual art shows in Monaco, Paris, Australia, Belgium, Spain and the US. She was selected to represent the Embassy of Colombia in 2 International Art Expo Malaysia. In Houston, she is a founding member of the Latin American Women Artists of Houston, is active at the Glassel School of Art and has participated in group and individual exhibitions.

As a Board Member and Past President of the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Yolanda chaired 2 “Noche de Las Americas” Galas, raising over $150.000, for the scholarship programs and IHCH operation. She has worked in various cultural initiatives like Spotlight Latin America, and has focused on promoting the importance of education, culture and diversity while promoting Hispanic Cultural values.

Lina Pardo

Lina Pardo, native of Colombia-South America, is a proud Hispanic woman and a passionate advocate of Arts and Cultural Expressions.

Lina came to Houston, TX in 2006 with the Oil & Gas industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad de América in Bogotá-Colombia. Certified by Michigan State University in Supply Chain Management, Lina has a professional career that spans more than 12 years in Supply Chain, holding Regional and Global positions, and has had the opportunity to work in different industries such as Oil & Gas, Technology and most recently in Healthcare.

Her appreciation for cultural diversity and her commitment to help and support the community have led Lina to participate in multiple volunteering activities and programs in Colombia and US.

Lina is a committed wife and mother and enjoys the time spent with her family and friends.

Veronica Foley

Veronica has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry with unique insights in global new business development, legal, governance, compliance, and risk management. She has experience establishing multiple operations across the Middle East and Latin America, unlocking potential in multiple mergers and acquisitions and strategically helping companies through financial and industry downturns.

Veronica is currently the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Precision Drilling Corporation (“Precision”). Precision is a leading North American oil and gas drilling company listed on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. Veronica serves as an integral member of the executive management team and spends most of her time advising the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, and other members of the executive team. She is responsible for implementing strategic business growth initiatives, helping build strong board relations, and overseeing all aspects of corporate governance, legal, insurance, enterprise risk management and compliance functions.

Prior to joining Precision, Veronica spent over seven years as an attorney with Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP, providing legal advice to prominent corporations and financial institutions. Veronica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and French from Baylor University, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree cum laude from South Texas College of Law.

She has served on the non-profit boards of various institutions, including Spindletop Charities, Inc., the Houston Bar Foundation - the charitable arm of the Houston Bar, and Girls Inc. of Greater Houston.

Veronica is from Colombia; she is a native Spanish speaker and is also proficient in French and Portuguese. She is married and is the proud mother of two teenagers. In her spare time she enjoys travelling with the family, watching her kids play sports and searching for the perfect vacation home.

Jim Soto

James E. soto is an experienced Texas Probate Lawyer. He received his undergraduate studies in Spanish Language and Literature from LSU Baton Rouge and earned is Doctor of Jurisprudence from The University of Houston Law Center. In 2014 he founded the SOTO LAW FIRM to provide individualized representation responsive to the needs of his Texas and Latin American clients. Serving as Of Counsel to Kherkher Garcia, LLP, Jim provides specialized Probate counseling for clients with personal injury litigation cases. He is a frequent speaker for organizations serving the needs of children with disabilities and is certified by the State Bar of Texas to represent clients as an Attorney Ad Litem in Guardianship proceedings.

Proud of his Texas heritage, Jim traces his family roots back to the 1850’s when his family settled in the Texas Hill Country. By contrast, he was born and raised in the oilfields of Venezuela where his parents served as pioneers in the emerging oil industry. Jim is fluent in both written and spoken Spanish. This unique experience serves his Spanish-speaking clients well in resolving their Texas based legal matters. Appointed by the Secretary of Foreign Relations for Mexico, he served with distinction from 2012-2017 as Abogado Consultor, legal consultant, to the Mexican Consulate in Houston.

Jim is active in the Houston community where he is grateful to serve. He is a former Chairman of the Board to the Mexican Institute of Greater Houston, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Houston’s emerging Hispanic community with computer technology skills. In 2023 he was appointed to the Board of Directors to the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston whose mission is to provide educational scholarships and cultural programs for students in the greater Houston area.

Dolly Delgado

Dolly Delgado is one of the prominent Colombian personalities in the cultural field.

She has excelled in the management and representation of the brand and image of various Latin American artists, such as the Colombian Master Héctor Rojas Herazo who since 1987 placed his trust in her with his different artistic works such as: Paintings, writings, poems and newspaper articles.

This woman is committed to serving the community and bringing Latin American Art to large international platforms.

Dolly Delgado has worked with artists for more than 30 years, organizing important exhibitions in Colombia and the United States, promoting cultural wealth, helping, and supporting Latin American artists to achieve a presence on various platforms by showing her work worldwide.

Dolly created Ar7seven International Gallery in 2018 in Colombia and in 2021 Ar7seven Foundation Inc., in the United States.

Dolly Delgado continues to support and write her story in Latin American art.



Be transported through time and cultures with this brilliant full-scale production telling the rich history of music in the Americas with both indigenous and European influences. Featuring mesmerizing music and beautiful choreography, this production in three acts will take you on a round trip through the Americas and Europe to explore the varying musical influences each culture has had on one another.

IDA y VUELTA, meaning round trip and it represents the expression used for the ancient belief that some music styles arrived in America by Spanish emigrants. Those styles were transformed, and with the return of these emigrants and the return to their origins, the styles were formed, they became “aflamencados” and the forms known in Spain were achieved.

The influence of the teachings of Spanish music on indigenous music gave rise to the introduction of the diatonic scale, that is, seven notes with many combinations of sounds, the use of European harmony and the predominant 6/8 rhythm extended to almost all the countries of the “New World”. This is how the Peruvian Marinera, the Chilean Cueca, the Venezuelan Joropo, the Mexican Jarabe Tapatio, to name a few, were born in America.

On the other hand, music and dance are a factor of intercultural education, favoring the knowledge and acceptance and tolerance of the multicultural reality of today’s society thanks to the commercial exchange between Andalusia and Latin America in a permanent round trip across the Atlantic.

The superb choreographies are accompanied by the magical fusion music arranged and played live by Grammy Award winners, succeed one another at a frantic pace. The flamboyant and magnificent costumes used by the extraordinary dancers complete this timeless production of DANMAR to honor the “Dia de la Hispanidad”.


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