Expo Familia Lorenzo 2019
Familia Lorenzo Folk Art from Guerrero, Mexico
Nov. 14th - Dec. 13th
OPENING: Nov. 14th @6:30 pm
History Through Cinema
History Through Cinema
La Historia a través del Cine
The Center of Hispanic Community
The Center of Hispanic Community
Since 1965
Noche de las Americas
Noche de las Americas
The Golden Years
October 26th

Promoting the Hispanic culture in Houston since 1965

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The mission of The Institute for Hispanic Culture of Houston is to ensure that the right to an excellent education continues to be an available option for future generations of deserving Hispanic students in the Houston area. For 53 years, The Institute for Hispanic Culture of Houston, has supported qualified and deserving students through partial needs-based scholarships, having awarded nearly $350,000 in scholarships since 1965. The Annual Gala as the signature fundraiser, has a goal of raising more than $50,000 in scholarship resources to support more than 25 students in 2018-2019. We invite you to support this initiative by attending our Gala or underwriting this event.

October 26th, 2019


Since 1983, the IHCH has sponsored each year an international artistic production, the “Festival Folclórico”, at the Miller Theater. The theater offers IHCH the presentation of recognized Hispanic artists in the areas of theater, television, radio, and film, and it also features colorful folk dance groups, both local and international. Every year we celebrate a different country and this year 2019 we will celebrate Venezuela. The entrance is free to the general public.


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