Lead community inclusion through cultural understanding and education


We celebrate Hispanic Culture and empower our Community by promoting inclusion, culture, and education.

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston (IHCH) is a non-profit organization founded in 1965 by a group of professionals living in Houston that joined together to preserve and disseminate the richness & values of Hispanic Culture with the community of Houston, TX. IHCH serves the community by providing different educational, cultural and networking activities in collaboration with local universities, the Texas Commission of the Arts, Houston Arts Alliance, the Miller Outdoor Theater, and other private organizations and sponsors.

The main priorities of IHCH are to support inclusiveness,  education, promotion and understanding of Hispanic values and culture, as such, the Institute’s committees organize activities and events to support our Mission. As part of the Institute Commitment to further the development and growth of Hispanic students in Houston, IHCH awards merit-based scholarships to high school and college students during our annual Gala, Noche de las Americas.