Borderlust by Mauricio Paz Viola & Justin Earl Grant

The exhibition Borderlust was presented the months of September-October 2019, at the Institute of Hispanic Culture in Houston. The exhibition contained a selection of recent works by two international artists: Mauricio Paz Viola (Uruguay) and Justin Earl Grant (USA-Argentina). The series of works are done on paper with various techniques, mainly composed of ink, watercolor, graphite and pastel.


“Mauricio Paz Viola & Justin Earl Grant celebrate their second exhibition together. After their shared experiences in Santiago de Chile 2015, they are reunited once again in the city of Houston.

Borderlust is a reflection on the dynamic experience of how we construct our identity as an emancipatory and paradoxical process.

Paz Viola & Grant’s collection of works present a series of silhouettes of the human figure whose limits are traced and shows the interconnection of the subject with the whole.

Bonderlust aspires to reaffirm the magnitude of possibilities of the expansion of the human being.”

Project director: Mariela G. Domínguez