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IHCH present at the 21st annual BECA Gala

Various members of the IHCH, including the President, Dr. Marcos Calderon, joined nearly 500 persons on Saturday, July 15th to celebrate the Independence of Colombia at the 21st annual BECA Gala.

The purpose of this 2017 Gala was to choose a Miss Colombia from among 11 beautiful young ladies, of Colombian heritage, who represented different provinces of Colombia. This year, "Valle de Cauca", was highlighted and special recognitions were given to Dra. Fanny Elena Ramirez, Luis Camacho, MD, MPH, and to Julian Murilo, the “Colombian World Wide Cultural Ambassador", acclaimed local composer and vocalist.

Special recognition was given to Mrs. Gladys Salgado for the 20 years of devoted volunteerism to the BECA Organization, whose goals include "that a united local Colombian community promote Colombian values and culture with the world and especially with those who live in the greater Houston area".

Among the 5-distinguished panel of Judges was the well-known artist of sculpture, Mrs. Adriana Mann, a devoted volunteer and IHCH Acting CEO.

The selected 2017-18 Miss Colombia was Miss Amazonas, Zoe Katharina Lichtenberg. The five finalists also each received a scholarship for future higher education studies