Hear Our Voices. A curated group artist exhibit

A curated exhibit by Arielle Masson showcasing the work of 15 women artists from Latin America, living and working in Houston.
Many genres are represented, including geometric and gestural abstraction, as well as figuration. The artists -who come from 7 Latin American countries- are expressing themes of family, ancestry, and nature even in the non- representational art. Color, form and gesture are part of their vocabulary, formed during their years immersed in rich cultures of the Southern Hemisphere.
Arielle Masson, multicultural herself, has curated this exhibit with the deep understanding that each woman’s voice comes from a unique place, and is unapologetic for the many styles and techniques represented. Ms. Masson was instrumental in the formation of the group LAWAH- Latin American Women in Art, Houston; most of the artists have been her students at the Glassell School of Art of the MFAH , where she has taught for the past twenty years.