Noche de las Américas 2017

The Gala of the Institute of Hispanic Culture from last Friday November the 17th.

The Astorian was nicely decorated, providing an appealing and elegant environment.
The night was clear gifting the event, with a great front view of Houston downtown skyline lights, that were beautifully visible through large glass windows at the south-east corner of the main saloon at the third floor just besides the podium and orchestra.

The Masters of the Ceremonies were provided by Univision anchorwoman Mrs. Marlena Guzman and the distinguish television and newsman Mr. Marcelo Marini.
The Institute awards were presented to the executive director Mrs. Cissy Segall Davis accompanied by the members of the Board of Directors of the Miller outdoor Theatre, and the distinguish honorable Ecuadorian, past Houston consul, award winner writer and prominent physician Dr. Guillermo Alvarez.
Awards were also given to restaurant owners Arnaldo Richards and Cesar Rodriguez for their contributions to the culture through the Latin-American food. Honorable mentions were given to Ninfa and Rolando Laurenzo. Maria Fernanda Urbaez delighted us with a fabulous flamenco danza and the famous Tenor Angelo Ferrari with two songs from the Mexican composer Agustin Lara. Dancing music was provided by Walter Sur and Mango Punch. Arnaldo Richards from Pico’s Restaurant catered a very delicious gourmet food.
I just want to mention to you, that we are a 52-year- old non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the Hispanic culture, with many events and scholarships, destined to improve cultural relations and communications in this vast cosmopolitan community in Houston.
Please consider us in your next grant so we can continue pursuing the Institute mission, and able to reach our goals.

Marcos Calderon, MD.
2017 IHCH President