A Million Voices Freed

A Million Voices Freed

Dreams Do Come True
My grandfather was from the hills of Syria. Raised by his widowed mother, he had a second-grade education. A poor farmer rich in wisdom, he wished for a better life for his children and future grandchildren. The 1920’s was a magical time, even for people living in Syria. Everyone had heard of America. My grandfather was no different. A fire began in his belly – a dream he visualized daily: he wanted to move his family to America – “THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY.”
He waited for thirty years for his dream to come true. He passed up the opportunity to move to Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. It was America alone that called his heart. Finally! The time had come for him to leave. However, it was expensive, and he did not know how he would find the means. He knew one thing – God was his partner and would pave the way. Shortly after his prayer, his son, my father, found an ancient Roman coin in the dirt on the street. It was worth a significant amount of money and paid fully for his passage.
In the year 1955 while he was in his 40’s, he immigrated to El Paso, Texas just on the border of Juarez, Mexico. Shortly thereafter, his wife, mother and 9 children joined him. He had no formal education or job training. He spoke neither English nor Spanish. Courage and faith were the words of his heart. They created the road in front of him. He became a Door Merchant, selling his wares from door to door. Every knock, every sale meant continued freedom, education and opportunity for his children and his future grandchildren.
Meanwhile, in the desert of El Paso his crops, children and grandchildren grew like the Garden of Eden. Some of his greatest lessons were delivered at his table as he handed us freshly tended fruits and vegetables. He taught us to believe in the hope of our dreams, the art of perseverance, the rigors of hard work and the honor in honesty. I learned one of my favorite lessons from him – to simply try – with faith.
Every time one of his grandchildren graduated from college, his dream was realized. I am the PROUD granddaughter of Salim Haddad. I can still remember his handing me a worn and smudged $25 dollar check when I graduated from college, with teary eyes looking at me from behind his foggy glasses.

A Dream in Action
His dream lives daily with every client I support and through the community outreach work we are doing through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. I see my grandfather in every client I have worked with. My joy has been helping them emerge their voice, equipping them with communication and leadership tools, giving their hearts and ideas wings to soar. As we work to actualize YOUR dreams, in English, in this global world, I am fueled by and honor the legacy of your bravery as well as those who came before you. I hope to carry on this legacy of liberation through voice.

The Time is Now.
It is time for a NEW global conversation; one where the voices of ALL people can count and have their seat at the table. Human 2 Human and Heart 2 Heart Connection, the H2H Factor, must become the fuel propelling humanity to think, listen, speak, lead, and collaborate differently.
21st century leadership is about embracing the Human Spirit, breaking through the shackles that have inhibited equality and bravely rising together to speaking life into purpose. This past year called my heart to live into that purpose giving birth to what I am calling, “A Million Voices Freed.”

A Million Voices Freed is a vision that means:

  1. Discovering the voice of your soul and speaking it.
    Acknowledging what you want to say but previously could not.
  2. Refining what you need to say but had not.
  3. Being bold and speaking up.
  4. Being brave in the moments when and where it counts.
  5. Owning your power to be the catalyst of change.
  6. You matter. Your voice matters.


In this monthly blog post, you can expect to learn more about how to rise into your greater success by leveraging the full equity of your talents, voice, and mindshare through effective communication regardless of your background.

Our goal? To lend a helping hand to help you find your voice, speak up and SPEAK LIFE powerfully.

Diversity is NECESSARY. Accents are BEAUTIFUL. Clarity is CRITICAL.
COMING SOON! Get ready to join us for a free, monthly club called “The Amazing Speakers Club.” My company, The Performance Communication Company, is creating a special chapter of our club through the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston to empower the voice of our community members.
This blog, A Million Voices Freed, and The Amazing Speaker Club IHCH Chapter is intended to help change hearts and minds in ways that help you Excite. Engage. Ignite. Amplify℠ your greater success in life.

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