It is an honor to be the presiding President of the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston for the year 2022. 

When I arrived in Houston, TX four years ago, I was surprised at how much this multicultural city embraced me as an incoming immigrant. A sentiment that is still true to this day!

With Houston having over 45% Hispanic population that continues to grow daily, we, at the Institute of Hispanic Culture, are focused on empowering Hispanic Heritage, Culture, and Art.

We also have many friends and supporters in the non-Hispanic community that we are extremely grateful for. We appreciate the support of these corporations, foundations, and other organizations who have assisted us through their social responsibility programs.

Every action has a goal in mind, and in our case the purpose is EDUCATION. We aim to raise funds to support the younger generations to allow them to have an opportunity to fully develop their potential by awarding them scholarships.

I am starting this new role hoping to give back to the community, as much as I have received from the Institute.

In Service,
Carmen Herrada