I am honored to be your next president. This organization has meant so much to my family and to me.

“May all of our programs this year bring LOVE, HEALING, CULTURE and JOY” this is what I hope to bring to the Institute of Hispanic Culture this year.

We have all been through so much, and we are not done yet, but the Institute of Hispanic Culture can serve as a beacon of light with our music, culture, art, History and beauty.

I grew up coming to this modest building, when amazing volunteers spent hours creating fabulous and memorable events, just imagine I remember one of the “Noche de Las Americas Gala” the breathtaking Ballroom of the Westin Galleria looking like the Spanish Armada just sailed in, the vision and creativity of so many before me are what drive me today.

This responsibility is more than just a leadership role, It is family, It is culture, It is music that stirs the soul, It is ART that expresses imagination, It is a sensational fusion of foods that melts in your mouth and bridges cultures and alivens senses. From Cuba, to Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and of course the Madre Patria España, Argentina and my beloved Mexico we hope to share our love of culture with our community as the Institute has been doing for over 56 years.

Our founders wanted to make sure the community could be enriched by our differences they would be proud that we are still here humbly trying to make a difference one art exhibition at a time, one movie night at a time and one great big beautiful Gala at a time.

Together with this wonderful group of volunteers and amazing board members past and present, our faithful sponsors and supporters, our wonderful and creative staff and to my Goya Family, thank you for allowing me to take on this challenge.

To our members and our community, we will not disappoint you. Together we engage this new challenge post COVID knowing the world needs JOY, we will continue to shine and keep our doors open.

I urge you to join the Institute, become members and sign up for committee’s lets discover the culinary arts in a new way this year supporting the business most affected by the Pandemic and discovering new foods and flavors. Keep an eye out for the new IHCH Culinary Pop Up Series starting in late February.

My thanks to those community members who immediately said yes to make my dream a reality. ¡Buen Provecho!

As I accept this role I follow the legacy of my parents, who both served the IHCH, I accept this role knowing how hard you worked to offer scholarships to those who needed them and make a difference for so many.

You showed me how to love this institution and how important is was to give back and to embrace our culture. Hispanics, Latinos, Americanos, are here to stay, to our future generations remember our culture is the “seasoning” that bring us all together.

Thank you.