On July 4, 1946, the closing day of the XIX Congress of Pax Romana, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain,with the presence of almost all the Latin American republics (missed Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic), eighty two Congress people decided to create a new institution, according to the immediate demands of hispanoamericanismo, and founded an Ibero-American Cultural Institute, chaired by Pablo Antonio Cuadra. A few months later the project was assumed by the Spanish State and the Institute of Hispanic Culture (ICH) was created.

Parallel to the creation of ICH in Madrid, similar centers are generated in different provinces of Spain and Latin America. These centers carry legal personality, independent resources and full autonomy. Its aims coincide with those of Madrid while maintaining regional aspects. Among these centers the Catalan Institute of Hispanic Culture, known today as the Catalan Institute for Iberoamerican Cooperation is created.

From Catalonia, Spain were Dr. David Cardust, Dr. Carlos Vallbona, Dr. John Olive, and Carlos Rusca, who think in embracing in Houston the concept of the IHC created in Catalonia. These professionals oined Dr. Enrique Iglesias, originally from Madrid, and Pedro Sanchez, from province of Navarra, Spain and US citizen, and founded in 1965 the Institute of Hispanic Culture based in Houston. It was precisely Pedro Sanchez who wrote the By-laws of the new organization. After the election of Latino Presidents like Benjamin Suarez, Argentinian, the institute put into practice in Houston its extension to Hispano-America.

During more than 50 years, several Board of directors have carry on the presence of the Institute of Hispanic Culture based in Houston. We invite you to maintain that presence and pursue our charitable, educational and scientific purposes as well as to promote and disseminate Hispanic arts and Culture. Join us as member at www.ihch.org tab Become a member.


The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Inc. was formed in 1965 but not officially incorporated as a non for profit organization in the State of Texas until 1967. At first, it was associated with the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Spain, but later, at the suggestion of Dr. Cardus, the first appointed president, the organization was independent so that it could include all the Hispanic nations of the world. In 1968, Dr. Pedro C. Caram was the first membership elected president of the IHCH.

The Colombus Day Galas of 1964, organized and chaired by Dr. Iglesias, and 1965, Co-chaired by Dr. Iglesias and Mrs. Pedro and Dorothy Caram, were the inspiration of the future galas of the IHCH, since the proceeds from both galas were dedicated to scholarships to students of Hispanic arts.

The first scholarship was award to Ron Howard to study classical Spanish guitar in Spain and the second to a student artist to study art in Argentina. The galas have been the principal fundraisers of the funds for the operation of the IHCH, including the cultural and scholarship programs. 2017 celebrated 51 years of the founding of the IHCH and the official Noche de las Américas Gala.

Festival Folklorico: Día de la Hispanidad which is performed at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park began in 1983 under the Presidency of Dr. Dorothy Caram with the special guest appearance of Mario Moreno “Cantiflas”. A matching Miller grant was received by IHCH to begin the funding of the yearly productions. Matching funds were raised from foundations, businesses corporations and individuals and a magazine program of ads was distributed free at the event.

The mission of the Día de la Hispanidad was to inspire local Hispanics to establish folkloric music and dance groups of their countries of origin. As professionally as possible, the annual event would feature an honored Hispanic worldwide star of stage, TV, radio or music and the performance of several local folkloric dance groups. In 2001, the event began contracting musical and dance groups that sometimes were recommended by the Managing Director of Miller Theatre, Cissy Segal Davis.


1967 icon PEOPLE blueDr. David Cardus (MD)Appointed
icon BUILDING bluePO Box 20387 Houston 77025
1968 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Pedro C Caram (MD) First Elected
icon EVENT blueFirst Noche de las Americas Gala
1969 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Walter Rubin (PHD-UH)
1970 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Jorge Weibel (MD)
1971 icon PEOPLE blueHon. Stella Cheesman (Cons.Gen.Guatemala)
1972 icon PEOPLE blueDr. James Castaneda (PHD-Rice)
1973 icon PEOPLE blueDr. George Kipperman (MD)
1974 icon PEOPLE blueJose Lopez (businessman)
icon BUILDING blue(Nov. 7) Moved to Keith Jackson Building- 1603 Drew St.
1975 icon PEOPLE blueWilliam H. January (Attorney)
1976 icon PEOPLE blueOlivia Munoz (Teacher)
1977 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Pedro Bermudez (MD) (Served Six Months)
icon PEOPLE blueHon. Antonio Renazco (Cons.Gen. Nicaragua)
1978 icon PEOPLE blueHon. Antonio Renzaco
1979 icon PEOPLE blueAmando Villarreal (CPA)
icon EVENT blue(First IHCH Budget Established)
1980 icon PEOPLE blueDr. James Castaneda (PHD-Rice)
1981 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Pedro C. Caram ( MD)
icon EVENT blue(Feria del Libro- Spain/HISD)
1982 icon PEOPLE blueMr. Pedro A. Grana (Businessman)
icon BUILDING blue(May) Moved to 2102 Austin Suite 107
1983 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Dorothy Caram,(EDD)
icon EVENT blue(First Miller Outdoor Theatre – Folklorik Festival – Dia de la Hispanidad)
icon EVENT blueMario Moreno Cantinflas
icon EVENT blue(Members trip to Dallas/Ft.Worth Goya/Greco Exhibits- First Goodwill Houston/Spain Trip Galicia)
1984 icon PEOPLE blueMr. Bruce Martin (Attorney)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (in Collaboration with Club Mexico Bello)
icon EVENT bluePedro Vargas Honored guest star and numerous Folkloric Groups of Houston.
icon BUILDING blueMoved to warehouse 5645 Hillcroft S.102,off Harwin
1985 icon PEOPLE blueMr. H. Rolando Leguizamon(Businessman)
icon EVENT blueNo Festival- Miller Closed for repairs.
1986 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Carlos H. Fernandez, (MD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
1987 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Jose Trujillo (MD)
icon EVENT blueFolkloric Festival (Argentina Special Guest: Libertad Lamarque)
icon BUILDING blueMoved to warehouse-2930 A Rogerdale off HWy 8
1988 icon PEOPLE blueHelen Morales (Secretary to Mayor of Houston)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Spain..Special Guest Rocio Jurado)
 1989 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Maria Teresa Leal ( PHD- UH)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
icon BUILDING blueMoved to 5 Chelsea Blvd. off Montrose Blvd.77006
1990 icon PEOPLE blueAndrea I Camp
 icon EVENT blue(Silver Anniversary IHCH celebrated)
 icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
1991 icon PEOPLE blueServando Van Ramos (Businessman)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Puerto Rico-Shining Star of the Caribbean-Ednita Nazario, Special Guest Star.
icon BUILDING blueMoved to 3400 Bissonnet Suite 135 Houston 77005
1992 icon PEOPLE blueServando Van Ramos (Businessman)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (A Salute to Colombus-Elizabeth Lanier, Lauri Lindemulder- pianists, Peggi Rivera, guitarist folkloric groups of Texas.)
1993 icon PEOPLE blue Dr. Dorothy Caram (EDD)
icon EVENT blue(2nd Houston-Spain Goodwill trip)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival Honoring Panama-Nomra Norma Zenteno and Secret 
 1994 icon PEOPLE blueEdgardo E. Colon (Attorney)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (A Tribute to Chile: Los Huasos Quincheros)
1995 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Remberto Rangel, (MD)
icon EVENT blue(Folkloric Festival – A Salute to Colombia: Fernando Lizarazo y su Conjunto “Alma LLanera”)
icon BUILDING blueMoved to 3315 Sul Ross – Own Building
1996 icon EVENT blueAndres D. Puello (Businessman)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (A Salute to the Republic of El Salvador-Alvaro Torres)
1997 icon PEOPLE blueGloria Yampey-Jorg (Professor-HCC)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (A Salute to the Republic of Peru- Tania Libertad.)
1998 icon PEOPLE bluePedro Grana (Businessman)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
1999 icon PEOPLE blueAlberto Fernandez (Businessman)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
2000 icon PEOPLE blueFelix Fraga (SocialWorker)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Salute o Brazil Jesus Fichamba Honored Guest)
2001 icon PEOPLE blueLuisa Trujillo ( Volunteer)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Hispanics in Houston, Harris County and USA. Joe Lopez y Nueva Imagen Mazz, Tribute to Anthony Quinn Ball Guest: Rafael)
2002 icon PEOPLE blueMiriam Sera (Interior Designer)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
2003 icon PEOPLE blueDaniel E. Aviles (Ph.D., PE)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival
2004 icon PEOPLE blueDaniel E. Aviles (Ph.D., PE)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan)
2005 icon PEOPLE blueMiriam Sera, (Int. Designer)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Jose A. Diaz founder of Caliente Latin American Ensemble)
2006 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Remberto Rangel (MD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Estampas Portenas: Tango Fire–Honoring Maria Victoria Cervantes)
2007 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Manuel Sosa (PHD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Tiempo Libre and Irma Infante- Tribute to Pedro Infante)
2008 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Manuel Sosa (PHD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (25th annual -Marco Antonio Muniz “El Lujo de Mexico”)
2009 icon PEOPLE blueCarlos M. Sera Paco Pena:  A Compas  Flamenco Music/Dance  Spain
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Paco Pena: A Compas Flamenco Music/Dance Spain)
2010 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Oscar Fonseca (MD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Guest Star Christian Castro)
 2011 icon PEOPLE blueJoseph McReynolds (Attorney)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (La Jota Around the World, Associacio Cultural L’Alima de Betera, Spain.(In conjunction with la Casa de Espana)
2012 icon PEOPLE blueGeorge Diaz- Arrastia (Attorney)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Forever Tango Tribute to Marcelo Marini)
2013 icon PEOPLE blueHon. Diane M. Guariglia (Judge)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (A Tribute to Colombia Grupo Niche)
2014 icon PEOPLE blueLia Tusanotte (Aerospace Engineer)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (30th Anniversary Siudy: Between Worlds-Entre Mundos)
2015 icon PEOPLE blueLia Tusanotte (Aerospace Engineer)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Celebrating Central America-La Autentic Santanero de 50th anniversary of IHCH Gildardo Zarate Mendez)
2016 icon PEOPLE blueGeorge Diaz-Arrastia (Attorney)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Cuba -Special Guest Star Aymee Nuviola)
2017 icon PEOPLE blueDr. Marcos Calderon (MD)
icon EVENT blueFolklorik Festival (Puerto Rico Plena Libre)
2018 icon PEOPLE blueDr Randall Stenoien (MD)