Installation Good Migrations By Alexander Squier

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Installation Good Migrations
By Alexander Squier

The word “immigration” generally elicits a strong response, negative or positive, depending on who you ask. “Migration”, on the other hand, suggests something more natural, a recurring pattern defined over and over again across time, or even within a single lifetime. By extending this more neutral understanding of migration to immigration, the artist hopes to complicate the discussion of immigration beyond one of good vs. bad by textualizing the movement of people and objects within a grander sense of time and space, and by blending narratives of immigration and migration with archaeological and sociological theatre.

The starting point is the home, and the familial and cultural oral histories. Alexander Squier has chosen to interview both of grandmothers, whose stories have always captivated him. They are the oldest surviving members of his immediate family, and both women have moved and traveled, but for very distinct reasons. These interviews, combined with personal heirlooms and keepsakes, will be presented as artifacts alongside other objects and materials found around the city of Houston, whose origins can also be traced to other places. Ranging from domestic or decorative objects to bricks and earth, these artifacts’ own narratives often directly relate to, or parallel in many ways, those of actual immigrants.

En Raíces del Alma, dice Ismael Lugo Montaño, “lo fascinante de hablar con los ojos, es que no hay ningún error grammatical, las miradas del alma son frases perfectas”

La exposición fotográfica Raíces del Alma abre al público el dia 27 de Mayo a las 6:30 PM, en las instalaciones del Instituto de Cultura Hispana de Houston ubicado en 3315 Sul Ross St Houston TX 77098. La exposicion está vigente hasta el 17 de Junio de 2017.

The artist’ personal stake in the discussion is Squier family’s history of migration, my mixed cultural and ethnic heritage, and observations of Houston’s landscape and inhabitants. Squier’s father is an immigrant from Peru, though his family arrived in Peru only four generations earlier from upstate New York (and before that from England). Most of his immediate family followed him to Houston from Peru, as did his cousins from Uruguay. Squier’s mother is from Michigan, and descended from Irish and French immigrants who arrived more than 200 years ago. Alexander Squier grew up with an extended network of immigrant families, and with friends that were first first-generation Americans.

Alexander Squier presents in this installation a dialogue between the histories embodied by constructions, artifacts and their interaction while looking for trends in how this interaction reflect culture and migrations. Good Migrations will have the opening on July 29th, at 6:30 PM at the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, located at 3315 Sul Ross St., Houston TX 77098. The exhibition will run until September 2nd, 2017.