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January 13-20, 2018

slide Winchendon High School

FLYER - Pablo Sáinz Villegas

Fourteen students, ages 16 to 18, and four instructors we part of the group

The purpose of their visit was two-fold:

1. To study and learn first hand the culture and traditions of Hispanics.

2. To volunteer with different organizations such as Star of Hope, assisting with the needs of the Hispanic low economic community.

The members of the Institute of Hispanic Culture, represented by Maria Rocha and the Social Activities Committee, met the students and teachers on day one. They arranged several events, including a visit to Hermann Park, tour of the Medical Center and Museum area, and a introduction to traditional drinks and foods of Latin America. The students were also taught about different traits and perceptions comparing Latino and Anglo cultures. Both groups learned from each other, and a warm cultural relationship was created. Gifts and photos were exchanged.

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