Events from October 30, 2017 to November 05, 2017

  • Starting on November 02, 2017 18:00
    Obras argentinas en piano. La paleta de música argentina tiene muchos matices, tantos que es difícil poder siquiera enumerarlos, pero hay algunos puntos que no se pueden obviar, pensar la música argentina sin pensar en el Tango es imposible, así como es necesario posar la mirada en la gran posibilidad que brinda el Folclore nacional.
  • Starting on November 01, 2017 18:30
    At 3315 Sul Ross St. Houston , TX 77098 United States
    Giving account of the projects of the spanish painter, engraver and sculptor based in Mexico, Luis Moro (Segovia, 1969), who has opened a fruitful line for collaboration with famous writers on both sides of the atlantic. poetry has perhaps been one of the most important references in moro's artistic career, which serves not only as a source of inspiration but as a medium that enables the interrelation of languages and the sum of collaborations for his artistic, graphic and editorial creation.
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