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    Welcome IHCH Title SIN BOTON

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Texas (IHCH)

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Texas (IHCH) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1965 by a group of professionals living in Houston and interested in preserving and disseminating the richness of Hispanic culture and its language.

The IHCH serves the Hispanic community and provides different educational activities in collaboration with local universities, the Texas Commission of the Arts, Houston Arts Alliance, the Miller Theater, and other private organizations. These include:

  • Visual Arts
  • History
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Social Studies
  • Language Studies

Education is a priority for the IHCH, and the Scholarship program is very important. The IHCH has granted more than $500,000 USD to students willing to continue their education and to exemplary students who do not have enough resources.

The Annual Gala, “Noche de las Americas”, is conducted in October in honor of the month of Cristobal Colon, and serves as a fundraiser to obtain these educational resources.

Since 1983, the IHCH has sponsored each year an international artistic production, the “Festival Folclórico”, at the Miller Theater. The theater offers IHCH the presentation of recognized Hispanic artists in the areas of theater, television, radio, and film, and it also features colorful folk dance groups, both local and international. The entrance is free to the general public.

In 1990, the building currently housing the institute was purchased thanks to the generous contributions of Mr. Keith Jackson and some other members. It is located at 3315 Sul Ross, Houston, Texas, 77098.

The membership fees and some donations from associate members have partially allowed to keep the facilities in good shape, which are still being used today for a great variety of cultural events.

As the President of the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, in the name of the Members of the Board and Associate Members, I would humbly like to ask for your aid and support as a Main Sponsor of this important non-profit organization.

All funds donated to the IHCH will be utilized wisely and responsibly. You will be able to select your preferences:

  1. Building restoration and maintenance.
  2. Administrative expenses, such as insurance, utilities, phone, etc.
  3. Employee salaries.
  4. Cultural programs.
  5. Educational Scholarships.
  6. Gala Sponsorship.
  7. “Dia de la Hispanidad” Sponsorship.

Our Mission

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, founded in 1965 by a group of professionals living in Houston interested in preserving, enhancing and promulgating the Hispanic culture and language inherited from Spain and Latin America. The IHCH mission is to disseminate and preserve the rich Hispanic culture, and to highlight the historical, linguistic, scientific, and artistic achievements of Hispanics or Latin-Americans, particularly Hispanics and Latin-Americans residing in Houston, Texas.

Our Vision

To be the premier and preferred Hispanic organization to effectively embrace and engage a broadly and diverse membership while preserving our Hispanic cultural heritage and bilingual skills.

Our History


El 4 de julio de 1946, en la jornada de clausura del XIX Congreso de Pax Romana, en San Lorenzo de El Escorial, madrid, España, con presencia de casi todas las repúblicas hispanoamericanas (faltaron Costa Rica, Honduras y República Dominicana), ochenta y dos de los congresistas decidieron crear una institución nueva, acorde a las exigencias inmediatas del hispanoamericanismo, y fundaron un Instituto Cultural Iberoamericano, presidido por Pablo Antonio Cuadra. A los pocos meses ese proyecto era asumido por el Estado Español, y se creaba el Instituto de Cultura Hispánica (ICH).

Paralelo a la creación del ICH en Madrid, se generan centros homólogos en diferentes provincias de Espana y en Iberoamerica. Estos centros conllevan personalidad jurídica propia, recursos independientes y plena autonomía. Sus fines coinciden con los de Madrid aunque mantienen aspectos regionales. Entre dichos centros aparece el Instituto Catalan de Cultura Hispanica, conocido hoy como Instituto Catalan de Cooperacion Iberoamericana.

Precisamente provenientes de Cataluña, España eran el Dr. David Cardust, Dr. Carlos Vallbona, Dr. Juan Olive, y Carlos Rusca, quienes piensan en trasladar a Houston el concepto del IHC creado en Cataluña. Estos profesionales se unen al Dr. Enrique Iglesias, original de Madrid, y a Pedro Sanchez, Navarro y ciudadano de los EEUU, y fundan enn el año 1965 el Instituto de Cultura Hispanica con base en Houston. Precisamente fue Pedro Sanchez quien escribio las By-laws de la nueva organizacion. Luego con la eleccion de Presidentes latinos como Benjamin Suarez, Argentino, el instituto pone en practica su extension a Hispanoamerica.

Durante mas de 50 años, varias Juntas Directivas han mantenido la presencia del Instituto de Cultura Hispana en Houston. Le invitamos a continuar esa presencia con el objetivo de seguir cumpliendo los propósitos de caridad, educacion y ciencia asi como también promover y diseminar las artes y cultura Hispana. Unase como socio del Instituto de Cultura Hispana en nuestra pagina web www.ihch.org tab Become a member.


On July 4, 1946, the closing day of the XIX Congress of Pax Romana, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain,with the presence of almost all the Latin American republics (missed Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic), eighty two Congress people decided to create a new institution, according to the immediate demands of hispanoamericanismo, and founded an Ibero-American Cultural Institute, chaired by Pablo Antonio Cuadra. A few months later the project was assumed by the Spanish State and the Institute of Hispanic Culture (ICH) was created.

Parallel to the creation of ICH in Madrid, similar centers are generated in different provinces of Spain and Latin America. These centers carry legal personality, independent resources and full autonomy. Its aims coincide with those of Madrid while maintaining regional aspects. Among these centers the Catalan Institute of Hispanic Culture, known today as the Catalan Institute for Iberoamerican Cooperation is created.

From Catalonia, Spain were Dr. David Cardust, Dr. Carlos Vallbona, Dr. John Olive, and Carlos Rusca, who think in embracing in Houston the concept of the IHC created in Catalonia. These professionals oined Dr. Enrique Iglesias, originally from Madrid, and Pedro Sanchez, from province of Navarra, Spain and US citizen, and founded in 1965 the Institute of Hispanic Culture based in Houston. It was precisely Pedro Sanchez who wrote the By-laws of the new organization. After the election of Latino Presidents like Benjamin Suarez, Argentinian, the institute put into practice in Houston its extension to Hispano-America.

During more than 50 years, several Board of directors have carry on the presence of the Institute of Hispanic Culture based in Houston. We invite you to maintain that presence and pursue our charitable, educational and scientific purposes as well as to promote and disseminate Hispanic arts and Culture. Join us as member at www.ihch.org tab Become a member.

Board of Directors Officers and Members 2018

Randall Stenoien MD.
President and Chairman of the Board
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Gerald Garcia Jr.
President Elect
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Marcos Calderon MD.
Immediate Past President
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Elizabeth Garcia Garibay

Ashley Stenoien
IHCH Secretary
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Board of Directors

Randall Stenoien MD.

Marcos Calderon MD.
Past President

Miguel ANgel Gutierrez
Board Member

Carlos Lara
Board Member

Maria Rocha
Board Member

Yoland Velasquez
Board Member

Adriana Velasquez
Board Member

Mario Zamora
Board Member

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